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Criminal Defense

Have you been charged with a crime? For most people, this can be a very scary and intimidating experience. When you hire Holly Esworthy as your attorney, you can be rest assured that you are no longer in this alone. Holly has years of experience defending people against criminal charges. Holly defends people charged with Simple Misdemeanors, Gross Misdemeanors, Class B and C Felonies, and Probation Violations.

For criminal cases, Holly charges flat rate retainers. Pederson Law frequently runs promotional pricing on popular criminal charges, such as DUIs, during holiday and peak-tourist season. Contact Pederson Law today for additional information on promotional pricing for criminal defense retainers!

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Post-Conviction Relief

The consequences of a criminal conviction can be devastating and lifelong. Fortunately, the law does provide post-conviction relief to those who are eligible, such as Firearm Restoration, Expungement/Vacating a Conviction, and Juvenile Record Sealing. For post-conviction relief cases, Holly charges flat rate retainers, so there are never any surprises with billing. Contact Pederson Law today about your post-conviction relief case!

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Schedule a Telephone Consultation Today!

Pederson Law, PLLC. offers telephone consultations to prospective clients who are seeking assistance with simple traffic tickets to criminal or post-conviction relief matters. Call today to schedule a discreet initial consultation. Ask about me about promotional pricing on retainer fees!

Founded in 2015, Pederson Law, PLLC is a boutique law firm located in the heart of downtown Wenatchee, Washington. Since establishing Pederson Law, Holly has had the privilege of assisting clients throughout Eastern Washington.  Pederson Law primarily focuses on Traffic Infractions, Criminal Defense, and Post-Conviction Relief. At this time, Pederson Law is only accepting new clients on a case-by-case basis in Chelan and Douglas counties.

Holly is dedicated to serving her clientele with quality legal representation. Holly founded her law firm on the premise that quality legal representation should be attainable to all. Holly understands that most people need a lawyer when they, unfortunately, least expect it. With that in mind, Holly takes a very understanding and compassionate approach when it comes to pricing and payment plan options. 

From your very first consultation to the disposition of your case, you will be at ease knowing that you are not alone and - you and Holly are in this together!

Call (509) 750-0850 to schedule a discreet consultation today. 

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Pederson Law, PLLC. is conveniently located in the heart of downtown Wenatchee, WA. The firm is located on the corner of Wenatchee Avenue and Palouse Street.