DUI License Suspension

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DUI Charges and License Suspension Consequences:

When you are charged with DUI, there are generally two license suspensions. 

First, Department of Licensing (DOL) will initiate a suspension of your license as a result of your arrest alone. That is why it is crucial that you request an administrative hearing through DOL within 20 days of your arrest. Paperwork and supplemental documents need to be correctly completed and mailed to DOL in a timely fashion. If you fail to take these steps, your license will be administratively suspended through DOL based on your arrest for DUI alone.

Second, Department of Licensing will initiate a suspension of your license as a result of your conviction for DUI. If your license was already suspended as a result of your arrest, Department of Licensing will give you credit towards the second  initiated suspension. If you have full credit towards the second suspension, you likely will still need to take steps to reinstate your driver's license.

License Already Suspended?

If your license has already suspended, you have two options. The first option is to stop driving during the duration of your suspension. If that is not an option for you, you can always skip to the second option and seek to obtain a Restricted Driver's License. 


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