Marriage Dissolution

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Uncontested Dissolution of Marriage and Domestic Partnership: 

Pederson Law, PLLC. assists individuals with dissolution of marriage or domestic partnership cases. Holly Pederson charges a flat rate fee for her services.

  • For non-contested dissolution of marriage or domestic partnership cases without children or property, Holly charges $1000. 
  • For non-contested dissolution of marriage or domestic partnership cases with children and/or property, Holly Pederson charges  between $1500 to $2000, depending on the number of children and nature of the property involved. 
What's included?
  • Preparing your petition for divorce and filing it with the court in your jurisdiction. 
  • Working with you to complete all necessary forms. 
  • Working with you to draft settlement and support agreements.
  • Filing all forms and documents with the court.
  • Receiving your final divorce decree from the court.
  • Attending a court hearing if required in your jurisdiction.
  • Privacy. The information you share and everything you discuss while working together is protected by attorney-client privilege.
What's not included?
  • Court filing fees.
  • Parenting and custody agreements. This service is only for those without children younger than 18 years old.
  • Additional court appearances beyond those required in your jurisdiction.
  • Additional work by the attorney after you receive your divorce decree.
  • Certainty about the court's decisions. The court's final decisions depend on your situation and cannot be guaranteed.

 If you have additional questions regarding your eligibility, contact Pederson Law today to schedule a free and discreet telephone consultation. 


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