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Holly Pederson is the Principal Attorney at Pederson Law, PLLC, a firm located in the heart of downtown Wenatchee, Washington. In 2015, Holly Pederson established Pederson Law, PLLC. Since its establishment, Holly has taken cases throughout Eastern Washington, including Chelan County, Douglas County, Grant County, Kittitas County, Yakima County, Franklin, and BentonCounty. Holly's law firm primarily focuses on criminal defense; however, Holly provides legal representation in other matters too, including Firearm Restoration, Expungements, Protection Order, Marriage Dissolution, Child Custody and Child Support, Involuntary Treatment, or even Traffic Infraction cases. 

Holly Pederson has a background in social work, which provides her a special set of skills that most attorneys lack. Holly takes a very client-centered approach to her law practice, which puts her clients at ease, as they are always kept informed and involved in the progress of their case. Communication is key to all successful relationships, especially the relationship between an attorney and client.

Holly Pederson is a life-long Washingtonian. She is a graduate from both the University of Washington and Seattle University School of Law. In 2012, Holly began her career in public defense when she worked as an intern for King County's Associated Counsel for the Accused. Since then, Holly has exclusively worked as a criminal defender. When she is not defending her clients, Holly serves the City of Quincy by working as a Planning Commissioner. In her spare time, Holly enjoys spending time with her family by hiking Saddlerock, kayaking the Columbia River, strolling the Wenatchee Riverfront, or simply watching her favorite sports team, the Washington Huskies. 

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  • Speeding ticket

    Holly did great job! I highly recommending Holly. I got speeding ticket with the 15 miles over in Chelan County next to Leavenworth and she help me with that. This is very difficult court!
  • When it happens to you!

    It can happen, you can be a accused of wrongful doings, make a bad choice and then find yourself in the middle of a legal nightmare. Having Attorney Holly Pederson on your side is your solution. Having her as your Attorney gets you results. A superior legal background and a unstoppable winning at...

    Holly Pederson is very passionate about her work she will fight for your rights in the courtroom as well as try to get to know you and the case as best as she can I was looking at 3+ yrs for driving suspended in the first degree and she got me only 180 days I was pleased with this outcome she's n...
  • Assault 4th Degree

    Hiring Holly as my attorney for my case was one of my best choices i have made. She looked into my case and worked with the prosecutor and was able to get my case fixed just as i was hoping. I would totally recommend her for anyone needing help with there case.
  • Great DUI attorney!

    Holly definitely knows her stuff! She knows the ins and outs of DUI charges, and will give you her honest opinion of what she thinks the outcome is going to be. She got mine talked down to a lesser penalty. Definitely recommend her!
  • Holly is a great lawyer to have on your side

    From the day I first encountered Holly Pederson, she took the time and interest to know my case and my issues inside and out. She had a thorough knowledge of the law, the prosecutors and the judges, and knew how best to guide me through the system. She always considered my views and ideas and cr...
  • DUI charge

    Holly is an exceptional criminal defense attorney. She helped me with my DUI charge that involved a traffic accident and a very high BAC. Holly was able to spot issues in my case that my previously retained attorney was not able to see. Her retainer was also a very fair price, unlike most attorne...
  • Awesome

    Holly did a great job , very professional , she kept me informed and is a very knowledgeable attorney . I would recommend her to any of my friends or family.
  • Secret Weapon

    Miss Pedersen aided me when I was attacked and then sanctioned by my school for the incident rather than my attacker. Miss Pedersen seems to be a generally very nice person. This means when you first meet her she can come across as young quiet and unassuming. And that is her secret weapon. In cou...
  • Awesome Defense Lawyer!

    Holly was recommended to me by another attorney and she was awesome. Very helpful and kept me informed every step of the way. My biggest concern was to not lose my job, and thanks to her help, I won't!
  • She is as intelligent as she is attractive

    Mrs. Pederson represented me during my divorce with my spouse. She was very down to earth, which made it comfortable for me to talk to. She worked with me financially, whereas other lawyers would not. She always made sure her i's were dotted and r's were crossed with my case. She is educated in h...
  • DUI Lawyer

    I hired Holly Pederson for a DUI case. She was knowledgeable about my case and was very clear about what my options were. She was also accommodating to my schedule and understanding of my situation.
  • Great help

    I recommend holly anytime of the day She's there to help you made me feel really confident about the case, she listens to what you say, she works with you, not one time I doubted her work Very organized Anything you can ask from a lawyer Holly is even better
  • Great lawyer

    Great person to have on your side when you are in need of a lawyer. She walked over all the paper work and lets you know what all your options are.
  • Best decision was calling Pederson Law

    Holly Pederson kept me informed on my case, and answered to my questions in a timely manner. I really feel that Holly had my best interest in mind constantly. Quick response via call/text/email or in person. I had very minimal interaction with Holly Pederson, but the time I did spent with her was...
  • She's the best

    It can happen, you can be a accused of wrongful doings, make a bad choice and then find yourself in the middle of a legal nightmare. Having Attorney Holly Pederson on your side is your solution. Having her as my Attorney got me results. A superior legal background and a unstoppable winning attitu...
  • Awesome

    Great lawyer to have.. She takes time to look at yo case she stay in touch with her clients with updates.. She's a real bull dawg in a skirt pays attention 2 everything.. Great lawyer 2 have she got my vote all day.. Just hear her out.. Much respect ms. Pederson :-)
  • Review!

    Great Lawyer. Easy to talk too. Answers all questions asked. Very easy to get in contact with. Texts, Calls, or Emails back ASAP! Dismissed my case without me doing anything. Recommend to ALL!
  • Pederson Law

    I strongly recommend Holly Pederson. She is a lawyer with a passion for what it does. In my very complicated case she did all the right moves and work really hard to get me out of jail, while I was in custody she speed up all of the procedures but more importantly she listened to me like no other...
  • Highly recommend

    Ms. Pederson is very professional and handled my case in a timely manner. She's very knowledgeable and someone you can trust. I highly recommend her.
  • THE BEST!!!!!!!

    By far and away the best attorney I've ever had. Right off the bat there was constant communication which is extremely rare in my experience. She took my probabtion violation case which had less than 1% chance of winning to court. She Won!! She went with her gut instinct of making the prosecutor ...
  • She's awesome

    I would recommend her 10 out of 10 going into a DUI case can be overwhelming and frightening but she does a great job of letting you know of what's going on, the steps to take and what needs to be done. It's comforting knowing she cares about your case.
  • Great in a crunch

    I had charge from 2011 and needed to take care of this case. I called Holly on very short notice, she was able to review my case and get the outcome I needed. I highly recommend her.
  • One call changed it all!

    Last August I had got myself into a terrible spot that could have ruined my life and also could have made me lose everything I had worked so hard for. I was recommended to use Holly Pederson to defend my case and it was by far the best thing that could have happened. Holly is a fighter and will d...
  • Best counsel of defense

    She was very communicative and had a lot of patience. She dropped my dwls 3 to an infraction. She's is the best by far counsel for defense that the court has to offer. She did a great job reminding me about my court dates and times! That's excellent twas definitely a plus! I really recommend her ...

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